Non-theoretical peer-to-peer learning aiming at the development, improvement and refinement of deradicalisation practice

This transnational project has established a network of practitioners from 15 different organisations dealing with a range of challenges from ISIS inspired radicalisation and recruitment to militant Islamist extremism.

EPEX Small webIts aim is to organise a cross-border knowledge transfer in order to share experiences and lessons learned as well as enable activity-based peer-learning. All participating practitioners - from organisations in Germany, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Norway and Tunisia - are either involved in one of the following activities:

  • Conducting targeted and / or community based interventions for juveniles that have been identified to be vulnerable to radicalisation and recruitment
  • Counselling relatives or other reference persons who are worried about juveniles at risk of being recruited as “Foreign Fighters” respectively youths who already left to conflict zones
  • Working on deradicalisation and rehabilitation within the prison context or in closed environments

Or are in the process of developing and implementing one of the above-mentioned measures.

The European Practice EXchange (EPEX) – originally designed to facilitate knowledge transfer between European practitioners exclusively – deliberately included practitioners from Tunisia, shortly before its official start.

The practitioners who participated in the kick-off meeting in Berlin, which took place in April 2016, represented a diverse range of organisations: From a public service background, to well-established organisations with links to statutory institutions to new initiatives and informal grassroots groups sustained by the commitment of voluntary activists.

The variety of the stakeholders participating and their different work approaches offers the opportunity of mutual learning and inspiration towards the refinement of the respective own practice.


The evaluation report ot the first year can be downloaded here:


The European Practice EXchange (EPEX) is funded by the Open Society Foundations, the Robert Bosch Foundation, the King Baudouin Foundation as well as the Fritt Ord Foundation and is hosted by the Network of European Foundations (NEF).

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European Practice EXchange (EPEX)

Violence Prevention Network

Alt-Moabit 73

D-10555 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 311 622 70

Mail: julia.reinelt[at] & ariane.wolf[at]


Project coordinator: Julia Reinelt



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