The PREPARE project, under the lead of European Forum for Urban Security (EFUS), brings together local authorities and expert organisations. Starting in November 2017, PREPARE’s general objective is to contribute to preventing radicalisation through deradicalisation, disengagement and rehabilitation programmes in release and probation.

Acknowledging the key role of cities as coordinators of multi-agency approaches, the PREPARE project organises a matching of expert organisations on the one hand side and local and regional authorities on the other hand. This line of action aims at strengthening local authorities’ capacities on multi-agency tertiary prevention in order to enable the design and establishment of local activities according to the specific local context and conditions in the field of prison and probation.

The Violence Prevention Network cooperates with the Generalitat de Catalunya (Spain) to develop an efficient multi-agency-structure (on city level) and a state of the art intervention pilot programme for prison inmates covering the areas of detention, rehabilitation and probation.



Violence Prevention Network

Alt-Moabit 73

D-10555 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 91 70 54 64

Mail: judy.korn[at]

Project manager: Judy Korn


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