Measures of intervention are aimed at offenders in prison who are motivated by extremism. With several months of deradicalisation in custody and subsequent stabilisation coaching after their release of up to one year, participants are enabled to be reintegrated into the democratic community.


Our projects in the field of intervention:

Deradicalisation in prison

With the programme Deradicalisation in Prison and the method of Verantwortungspädagogik® [Education of Responsibility], Violence Prevention Network has developed a deradicalisation approach which significantly reduces the re-offender percentage of violent criminals motivated by extremism, thereby also significantly reducing the number of victims, as well as the costs to the general public. The innovative aspect of this approach of deradicalisation is the combination of political education and anti-violence training, as well as the questioning of acts, justification patterns and motifs. The structure of communication, relationship and conflict resolution resources for an autonomous, non-violent, positive planning of the future is thereby the key to a successful (re)integration into society and distancing from extremism and inhuman ideologies.


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