A number of young people in Germany, not to be underestimated due to their impact, are at risk of following extremist ideology and becoming radicalised by it. Inadequately prepared by home and school for recruitment attempts, they align themselves with extremist ideologies that lead to violence and crime.

Previous approaches to solutions have relied too much on repression. At-risk youth and extremist violent criminals are not reached or are reached too late and are further marginalised. As a result, the right time when meaningful deradicalisation could be successful is passed by. The focus is on the warning shot arrest or the safe custody of offenders rather than their integration. Existing approaches to solutions also do not have communication with those affected and their families in mind. A biographical work-up of the causes and an accompanying political education do not occur.

In order to confront the above-mentioned social problem at all levels, Violence Prevention Network has developed a three-stage approach – consisting of prevention, intervention and deradicalisation/disengagement assistance.

Approaches small 

Our projects in the field of Prevention:

Advice Centre Thueringen


BAHIRA Advice Centre

Counselling related to refugees

Demystify extremism! – Preventive educational work with young people

Early Birds - Antidiscrimination and early prevention




Our projects in the field of Intervention:

Deradicalisation in Prison


Our projects in the field of Deradicalisation/disengagement assistance:

Advice Centre Baden-Wuerttemberg

Advice Centre Bavaria

Advice Centre Hesse

Advice Centre KOMPASS

Advice Centre Saxony


Family Counselling in the context of Islamism

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