Preventive efforts consist of communicating with young people who might be at risk of becoming religiously or politically radicalised and involving them in an intercultural and interreligious dialogue, as well as using workshops to expand their knowledge, such as about Islam, but also about democracy and human rights. Similar workshops and other activities are also offered in local contexts where there is a risk for young people of radicalisation towards right-wing extremism.
Another important component of prevention is the training of multipliers (such as teachers, specialists in child and youth services, and the police) in dealing with extremism and fundamentalism at school and work.

Our projects in the field of prevention:


Advice Centre Thüringen

The Advice Centre Thüringen offers advanced vocational training, coaching and counselling around the topic of islam for multipliers and institutions. The primary goal is to strengthen the competency and abilities of employees in institutions. The Advice Centre Thüringen can help to identify islmophobic reasoning with the aim to find strategies against it.




AL-MANARA offers counselling and attendance for unaccompanied minor refugees. In 2015 almost 80.000 Refugees came to Berlin. Over 4.000 of them were unaccompanied minors. This group is especially vulnerable and prone to islamistic recruitement. Violence Prevention Network has therefore installed a programme to counsel and attend unaccompanied minor refugees to immunize them against salafist extremism and islamistic recruiters.



BAHIRA Advice Centre

The primary objective of the model project BAHIRA is the prevention of extremism within Muslim communities motivated by Islamic fundamentalism. The mosque-based Advice Centre BAHIRA contributes to the sensitisation and skills-training of mosque communities specific to the topic or prevention of radicalisation and is, concomitantly, a point of contact for parents and youths seeking advice.



Counselling related to refugees

Refugees are increasingly being targeted by recruitment attempts from the Salafist scene. Anyone working with refugees – as a volunteer or professional, in accommodation centres, training and education programmes or within the scope of mentoring schemes – is at constant risk of failing to recognise and prevent potential recruitment attempts or beginning processes of radicalisation



"Demystify extremism!" – Preventive educational work with young people

The model project "Demystify extremism!" is an answer to the growing need to use preventative political education in order to address the phenomenon of religious extremism. The goal is to provide education about extremism and recruitment strategies as well as to develop strategies for youth when signs of radicalisation arise in peer groups. Other objectives are to demystify the phenomenon of jihadism and to increase the ability of young people to distance themselves from extremism.



Early Birds - Antidiscrimination and Early Prevention

Early Birds is a cooperation between the Technische Universität Chemnitz and Violence Prevention Network e. V. The aim of this model project is the implementation of measures in antidiscrimination and early prevention at pre-school age. The aim for professionals who are working in preschool education and assistance is to broaden their competences and to activate their professional contact with parents who act in a pejorative or discriminatory way towards certain groups or persons.




MAXIMA's goal is to provide education about extremism and recruitment strategies as well as to develop strategies for girls and young women when signs of radicalisation arise in their peer groups. Other objectives are to demystify the phenomenon of jihadism and to increase the ability of girls and young women to distance themselves from extremism.




Teach2Reach is an intercultural and interreligious project to foster the development of democracy and tolerance. Teach2Reach conducts workshops on interreligious competence, the Middle East conflict, the basics of Islam and (religious) extremism and civic education as well as the workshop "Demystify extremism!". All workshops are apt for young people in grades 9, 10 and beyond.


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