The goals of the Advice Centre Bavaria are the prevention of radicalisation and the de-radicalisation of youths. The objective consists in directly addressing young vulnerable people who are part of the extreme Salafist scene and initiating disengagement processes.

Cover Flyer BayernThe Advice Centre Bavaria establishes a working relationship to young people through low-threshold interventions. Pedagogical work and questioning elements of their radical ideology initiate disengagement processes from extremist groups. This enables a process of de-radicalisation. The Advice Centre Bavaria offers counselling of relatives and measures of intervention, de-radicalisation and disengagement assistance.

  • Counselling for relatives in the context of religious-based extremism, strengthening their educational presence and their ability to communicate and address conflict
  • Counselling, accompaniment and specific training for young vulnerable people who are radicalised and capable of committing crimes
  • Interventional measures in cases of radicalisation
  • Disengagement assistance: measures of counselling and dialog with radicalised people, wannabe jihadis and returnees (e.g. from Syria)




 The Advice Centre Bavaria is funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior.


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Projektleitung: Thomas Mücke
Projektkoordination: Verena Raatz

Media Contact

Journalists please contact:

Cornelia Lotthammer or

Paul Merker

phone: +49 30 36 46 04 09
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Dear media representatives! You're welcome to ask for interviews and backround information. Please understand that we cannot make any contact with our clients and their relatives.


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