The Advice Centre Thüringen offers advanced vocational training, coaching and counselling around the topic of islam for multipliers and institutions. The primary goal is to strengthen the competency and abilities of employees in institutions. The Advice Centre Thüringen can help to identify islmophobic reasoning with the aim to find strategies against it.

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Co-funded by the Thuringian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports as part of the Thuringian Federal Programme for Democracy, Tolerance and Cosmopolitanism

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Anger 35
99084 Erfurt

Tel.: 0361 - 30 26 20 31
Email: thueringen[at]

Projektleitung: Thomas Mücke
Projektkoordination: Matthias Kanzler

Media Contact

Journalists please contact:

Cornelia Lotthammer or

Paul Merker

phone: +49 30 36 46 04 09
email: presse[at]


Dear media representatives! You're welcome to ask for interviews and backround information. Please understand that we cannot make any contact with our clients and their relatives.


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