BAHIRA helps educate and raise awareness among mosque communities on the topic of radicalisation prevention. BAHIRA also aims to establish mosques as places and "providers" of radicalisation prevention measures.

BAHIRA offers a wide range of prevention and intervention measures - in particularly serious cases this covers deradicalisation and disengagement assistance.

The services of the BAHIRA Advice Centre are essentially meant for all persons who require advice or support in dealing with extremism based on religion.


The goals of BAHIRA

The main objective of this pilot project is the prevention of Islamic extremism within the Muslim communities. Specifically, BAHIRA aims to:

  • Develop specific educational and awareness creation activities with and for members of the mosque communities
  • Provide training and advice for multipliers
  • Provide direct intervention and advice in the mosque community (providing both venue and staff)
  • Host events and produce publications to initiate a discourse on the role of the mosque communities in the prevention of radicalisation
  • Host discussions within the mosque communities with individuals in danger of becoming radicalised and those who have already undergone radicalisation
  • Dissemination of experience, knowledge and skills to other mosque communities


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BAHIRA Beratungsstelle

Bergmannstraße 5 / Haus 2, 3. OG
10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Tel.: 030 544 677 79

E-Mail: bahira[at]

Projektleitung: Thomas Mücke
Beratung: Pınar Çetin, Levent Yükçü

Media Contact

Journalists please contact:

Cornelia Lotthammer or

Paul Merker

phone: +49 30 36 46 04 09
email: presse[at]


Dear media representatives! You're welcome to ask for interviews and backround information. Please understand that we cannot make any contact with our clients and their relatives.


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