Research and Development

The Violence Prevention Network Academy supports you with practical research, evaluation and scientific monitoring of programmes, model projects and measures for objective evaluation of your approaches. Depending on the research subject and the main objective, we apply qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. The procedures we use include individual interviews, group discussions, participant observation, activating surveys, questionnaire surveys, online surveys, expert discussions, and workshops.

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Since 2017 Violence Prevention Network has been operating together with its cooperation partner MODUS – Centre for Applied Research on Deradicalisation. MODUS is an engine for innovation in the field of radicalisation prevention and deradicalisation in the on- and off-line sector, and it consists of three pillars. The “Development” pillar systematically assesses radicalisation trends and figures out innovative options for action and approaches. In “Testing” we implement the approaches of “development” in practice and refine them further. The “dissemination” pillar stands for the nationwide dissemination of successfully tested approaches.

MODUS propagates the large-scale implementation and dissemination of the approaches in form of publications, specialist events and qualifications of professionals nationwide. MODUS develops its full potential by coordinating the competence of specialists in dealing with radicalisation with current and future developments. The specialists for child and youth welfare services and correctional facilities are the primary target group, while at-risk or radicalised people form the secondary target group. MODUS unites first-line practitioners from extremism prevention and deradicalisation with scientists from the fields of extremism and terrorism research as well as affiliated areas.