Counselling related to refugees

Refugees are increasingly being targeted by recruitment attempts from the Salafist scene. Anyone working with refugees – as a volunteer or professional, in accommodation centres, training and education programmes or within the scope of mentoring schemes – is at constant risk of failing to recognise and prevent potential recruitment attempts or beginning processes of radicalisation.

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The people involved are often insufficiently qualified to identify and deal with religious extremism. Together with its nationwide network of advice centres, Violence Prevention Network caters to the need for relevant support by providing a telephone line that offers consultation on individual cases, case-related coaching and prevention workshops on specific topics. Depending on the situation on the ground, further measures may be initiated (e.g. crisis intervention, involvement of the competent authorities). This comprehensive service is the first of its kind to address the specific challenges involved in working with refugees. It aims to raise awareness among people and institutions that work with refugees, prevent processes of Islamist radicalisation and intervene at an early stage wherever necessary.


Counselling related to refugees

Project Manager: Thomas Mücke

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The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community.