Portrait Judy Korn

Co-founder and managing director
© Violence Prevention Network/Klages

Judy Korn is a graduate educational scientist, co-leader of the working group EXIT at RAN (Radicalisation Awareness Network by the European Commission) and board member at Impact Europe. Since the age of fourteen, when her friends were beaten up by neo-Nazis, Judy Korn has been taking action against right-wing extremism and thinking about the topic of prejudice-based violence. She manages to curb violence in her neighbourhood in the north of Berlin and to create the conditions for a peaceful coexistence of the various youth groups. These projects involving violence-prone youths show that people have the potential for change. In 2003 Judy Korn left the civil service to found Violence Prevention Network, putting her ideals into practice and playing a significant role in shaping society. In 2007 Judy Korn was named an Ashoka Fellow for her new and thoroughgoing approach to solving a social problem permanently and on a large scale.