With the MODUS – Centre for Applied Research on Deradicalisation, Violence Prevention Network has – since 2017 – a cooperation partner to explore successful measures of radicalisation prevention and deradicalisation in offline and online areas in collaboration with scientists in the “Innovation Lab”. It also tests these measures in pilot projects and applies them in real life after the test phase.

Blaue Punkte und Linien schließen sich zu Netzwerk zusammen

Furthermore, Violence Prevention Network organizes expert meetings, symposia, conferences and brown-bag lunches with experts from various fields (e.g. extremism research, risk assessment, conspiracy theory, etc.) in order to thematically interconnect politics, practice and science. These formats enable input from internationally renowned practitioners and scientists to a select group of interested professionals and to engage in immediate exchange of ideas.

Since 2012, Violence Prevention Network has been actively contributing to the expansion of the research landscape by publishing the biannual journal “Interventionen – Zeitschrift für Verantwortungspädagogik” (Interventions Journal for “Education of Responsibility”) with contributions by German and international scholars on extremism, ideology, radicalisation prevention and deradicalisation.

Unfortunately, we cannot perform interviews for bachelor or master’s theses for capacity reasons. We ask for your understanding.

If you are interested in communicating with our science team, please contact:

Dr. Dennis Walkenhorst

+49 30 407 55 120
For inquiries regarding international delegations, transnational cooperation, etc., please contact the central coordinating body for international/transnational cooperations directly:

Ariane Wolf und Florian Reimers

+49 30 407 55 122