About Violence Prevention Network

Violence Prevention Network gGmbH is an NGO that has been successfully active in the prevention of extremism as well as deradicalisation and disassociation support for two decades. Over the years, the Violence Prevention Network team has acquired internationally recognised expertise in working with ideologically motivated offenders by working with people at risk from right-wing extremism and Islamism.

The aim of Violence Prevention Network is to help ideologically vulnerable people and violent offenders motivated by extremism to change their behaviour through deradicalisation work, to lead a self-reliant life and to become part of the democratic community (again) in order to prevent extremism of any kind. The non-profit organisation, headquartered in Berlin, provides tools and resources to help radicalised people reflect on and overcome their previous behaviour patterns. The aim is to empower them to lead a life in which they do not harm themselves or others. In addition, relatives and professionals are supported and trained in dealing with radicalised persons in a constructive way that promotes prevention.

More than 150 staff members are currently (2023) working for Violence Prevention Network in eight federal states and in Europe, covering all facets of extremism prevention and deradicalisation in the phenomena of right-wing extremism and Islamism.


Violence Prevention Network gGmbH
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