Quality management and evaluation

The in-house quality management system of Violence Prevention Network aims at a consistently productive and effective quality of the project work. The standardisation of the courses of action enables transparency and clear structures that apply reliably for all employees of the organisation. The starting point of the project work is to define the respective areas of activity and task priorities. Each project is controlled by the project management and coordination. The additional allocation of team members to specific fields of activity is competence-oriented. During the implementation phase of each project, the participants are introduced to the process flow diagram and the means of reporting. In the process flow diagram, the areas of responsibility and the project-related targets are presented, within which independent action is required by the employees. The project’s progress is recorded in a “Time and Action Plan”. Participant data are collected by the organisation in compliance with the Privacy Policy, processed electronically and (in part) statistically evaluated. In addition, the educational activities are logged. For the different types of reports, the Violence Prevention Network has developed templates in which the employees record the results of their work.

External evaluation

Continuous participation in external evaluations is a key component of the work of Violence Prevention Network. Effective, high-quality project work is also certified by the evaluations conducted by independent institutions, which are an obligatory part of comprehensive project implementation. The evaluation reports are available under the menu item “Publications”.