Prevention workshops

In a society in which people are attacked because of their origin or religious affiliation, in which the interpretation over who belongs to them and who doesn’t, is increasingly pointed out in public, in which superficial knowledge, religious illiteracy and prejudices dominate German schools, and in which employees in public offices and volunteer institutions are overwhelmed, there are measures that promote social cohesion, rather than further division. Effective prevention measures offer new perspectives, stimulate discussion and the willingness to consider oneself as part of a society that has competing viewpoints as well as various models of life and faith.

Gruppe junger Menschen sitzt in Moschee im Kreis
© Frank Suffert

We currently offer Violence Prevention Network workshops on the topics of inter-religious competence, Islam, democracy and human rights, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and education about and dealing with religiously motivated extremism. Its goal is to provide education about extremism and recruitment strategies as well as to develop potential courses of action for young people when signs of radicalisation arise. Other objectives are to demystify the phenomenon of jihadism and to increase the ability of young people to distance themselves from extremism. Our workshops are process-oriented. We develop their concrete content in cooperation with you and in consideration of your specific interests and requirements.

Another focus is the provision of enforcement-specific prevention workshops that address the particular challenge of extremist recruitment and potential radicalisation in the prison system. In particular, the role of identity, origin, culture, religion and faith, life in a pluralistic society, the tension between traditionalism and religion, and other topics are discussed.