Prison & Probation

On account of the growing numbers of (severely) radicalised offenders and the threat of radicalisation processes within the penal system, German correctional facilities are expanding measures for radicalisation prevention and deradicalisation (phenomena of right-wing extremism and religiously motivated extremism).  

Flur und Treppen in Haftanstalt
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On behalf of, and supported by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, Violence Prevention Network is extensively involved in the drafting and implementation of deradicalisation training and qualification measures in correctional facilities and probationary systems. In 2017 alone, Violence Prevention Network carried out 16 group and 59 individual training sessions as well as four group training sessions in youth detention centres with a total of 177 participants. The nationwide training programmes for multipliers from correctional facilities and probationary systems focus on the following topics:

  • Early detection/diagnosis of radicalisation
  • Prevention of radicalisation processes targeting young people in criminal detention
  • Initiation of deradicalisation and dissociation processes
  • Disengagement assistance

The latter are implemented in penal facilities, young offenders’ institutions, offices of the AJSD (Ambulanter Justizsozialdienst) and other relevant points across the entire Federal Republic. In 2017, Violence Prevention Network carried out 24 workshops with a total of 366 participants. We will gladly look into whether your institution can also carry out deradicalisation trainings, advanced trainings or prevention workshops.