Advanced Training

In working with young people, situations can always arise in which one is confronted with extremist or fundamentalist attitudes and behaviours. It is usually difficult to respond appropriately in such situations. Often one feels overwhelmed in a specific situation and does not know what to do.

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How do I recognise extremist arguments at an early stage and learn to invalidate and dissolve them? What strategies can I use to build a trusting relationship with young people at risk of radicalisation in my class or in my daily work? Violence Prevention Network provides hands-on training for teachers, child and youth workers, police officers, and other organisations that are confronted with radicalisation processes in their everyday work.

The emphasis is placed on practice-oriented pedagogical thinking and behaviour. The starting points are particularly the experiences of the participants in their professional fields. While confronting these young people directly is certainly commonplace, conscious dialogue and intentional communication is not. To this end, new courses of action are presented. The goal of the training sessions is to develop understanding of the professional role, which makes dialogue possible with young people who display extremist thought patterns.

In addition, we offer advanced training for multipliers in correctional facilities and the probationary system who work with young people who have already committed a crime and are in the process to be radicalised. These training sessions are implemented in correctional facilities, young offenders’ institutions, offices of the AJSD (Ambulanter Justizsozialdienst) and other relevant points across the entire Federal Republic.

The modular trainings are aimed to strengthen the behavioural security and skill expansion in dealing with prejudiced/ideologised people. Main topics are prejudices and enemy concepts, radicalisation of young detainees, dealing with radicalised detainees, modern right-wing extremism.