Fighting Terrorist Content Online (FRISCO)

The presence of terrorist content and other illegal content online is an increasing issue both from a security and public policy perspective. At the EU level, the related general legal framework is provided by the E-Commerce Directive, which articulate the need for effective action for illegal content removal.

Based on this context and these previous actions, the Regulation (EU) 2021/7843, addressing the dissemination of terrorist content online (TCO), entered into force in June 2021 and was applicable in June 2022.  The TCO regulations sets out several specific measures that hosting service providers (HSPs) exposed to TCO must implement to address the misuse of their services.

Background and general objectives

The general objective of “Fighting Terrorist Content Online”-FRISCO is to support micro and small HSPs to comply with the TCO regulation by assisting them in detecting and removing terrorist content online. Our main target groups are micro HSPs and specifically those small ones which are particularly exposed to terrorist content and do not necessarily have the means to tackle this threat alone. FRISCO will follow the following priorities:

  1. Inform and increase HSPs’ awareness of the regulation and their new obligations;
  2. Develop and validate tools, frameworks and mechanisms to support micro and small HSPs in the implementation of the TCO regulation in order to address the dissemination of terrorist content online on their platforms;
  3. Sharing experience, best practice, and tools to support the implementation of the TCO regulation.

As a result of the project micro and small HSPs will have a better understanding of what is terrorist content online and will be better prepared to deal with it and to comply to the new regulation. This will ultimately help the HSPs better protect against the dissemination of terrorist content online on their services.


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The project is funded by the European Union’s “Internal Security Fund — Police”.

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