Psychological expertise and coaching for advisors in the field of (de-)radicalisation

Advisors in the field of Islamist extremism often work with clients who can suffer from psychological stress and disorders. The EVOLUO project offers training, peer case advise and case-related support to help them deal with this professionally in their day-to-day work. In this way, we provide practitioners with knowledge and skills that they can apply directly in their work.

EVOLUO also supports networking and cooperation between advisors and the health and medical professions. The aim is to further develop cooperation between the professions. This is also reflected in the name of the project: “Evoluo” is Esperanto and means “further development”.



Social and psychological dynamics interact during radicalisation. Interactions between the inner psychological world and the outer social world influence both processes of turning towards and distancing from radicalisation. It is therefore important to have a sound and differentiated understanding of the mental health of clients in order to adopt a holistic perspective in case work.

Advise centres in the field of Islamist extremism already work with a wide range of expertise and methods. At the same time, many professionals would like to gain more knowledge about mental stress and disorders, their effects on advising and confidence in dealing with them. These are the results of several surveys, a needs analysis and the first EVOLUO programme in 2023.

Against this background, EVOLUO consists of two pillars and is also scientifically supported by the Forschungsstelle Deradikalisierung (FORA) of the Beratungsnetzwerk Grenzgänger.

Further training

The first pillar comprises further training geared towards the needs of advisors. It consists of five modules and takes place over two days in Bochum or Berlin. We attach great importance to ensuring that the knowledge and skills can be used directly in advising. Participants receive an accompanying handbook for their day-to-day work. They also receive access to a website with further material, exercises and much more.

The training is accompanied by four digital peer case advising sessions. Participants can discuss relevant issues and their own anonymised cases together with psychologists and therapists from advising practice. The knowledge acquired in the training course can be applied in practice in the peer case consultations. The 2024 dates and further information can be found in the 2024 training programme flyer.

Case-related psychological-therapeutic advise in disengagement work

The second pillar includes our case-related services for advisors and their clients. The services are independent of the first pillar and can be used by all Advise centres for secondary and tertiary prevention in the area of Islamist extremism.

Advise centres can contact the project team in all cases in which psychological aspects play a role. The advise services are free of charge and are tailored to the needs of the person making the enquiry. They can range from a one-off advise session to long-term support. The case management remains with the responsible advise centre at all times.

Case-related psychological coaching

We offer psychological coaching sessions to accompany cases for professionals. For example, psychological abnormalities can be assessed, practical exercises for casework can be tried out and access to psychotherapeutic or psychiatric support can be discussed in dialogue with colleagues.

Psychological-therapeutic advise

Clients who are already receiving support from an advise centre and would like additional support from a psychological or therapeutic specialist can take advantage of psychological-therapeutic advise. Our psychologists or therapists take on an accompanying role in close coordination with the responsible specialists. If necessary, we also support the search for a place in therapy and offer transitional support.

Further information can be found in the Flyer Fallbegleitende psychologisch-therapeutische Beratung in der Distanzierungsarbeit. There is also the possibility of further support through cooperation with the NEXUS Beratungsnetzwerk Bund der Charité.

We are here for you.

Are you interested in participating in the future, in our case-accompanying services, in a co-operation or do you have general questions about the project? Then please get in touch with us.

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Scientific support

The Forschungsstelle Deradikalisierung (FORA) accompanies the project with a comprehensive evaluation and application-oriented research.

Scientific advisory board

In addition, the entire project is supported by a scientific advisory board. This committee was established in 2023 and will continue to advise the project in 2024.


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EVOLUO Flyer – Angebote 2024
EVOLUO Flyer – Angebote 2024
EVOLUO Flyer – Fallbegleitende Unterstützung in der Distanzierungsarbeit, 2024
EVOLUO Flyer – Fallbegleitende Unterstützung in der Distanzierungsarbeit, 2024
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