Deradicalisation in prison – Approach and methods

Ideologised and radicalised feeling, thinking and acting have an important inner function and, allegedly, provide support, orientation and (self) assurance. This means that people often turn to ideologised world views to protect themselves against their own insecurities, instability and fear. Supporting the abandonment of this type of thinking and acting must therefore be accompanied by the development of new and constructive patterns of thought and action. This is done in a process that strengthens one’s own assumption of responsibility and develops and promotes constructive skills.

Verantwortungspädagogik®’ [Education of Responsibility] provides a tried-and-tested method, which has been adapted to the special needs of participants in prisons and probationary services.

Verantwortungspädagogik®’ [Education of Responsibility] entails:

  • the recognition and understanding of one’s own range of emotions and values, its “history of origin” and the resulting actions
  • the assumption of responsibility for sensible and constructive integration of these parts, concomitant with dissociation of inhuman and anti-democratic thoughts and expression
  • the development of an individual perspective and the strengthening of empathy, self-reflection, self-esteem, problem awareness, and confidence in crisis situations

The basis for this task is a viable, stable and long-term work relationship. By combining group and individual training sessions, workshops, transition management, and stabilisation coaching, we have developed an offer that meets this demand.

Offers for people in prison and on probation:

Offers for professionals from the judicial system and probationary services:

  • Training
  • Counselling

Deradicalisation in prison

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As a nation-wide NGO, Violence Prevention Network is supported in its deradicalisation efforts in prison as part of the structural development of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.