Partners & Supporters

Since 2007 Judy Korn is an appointed Ashoka Fellow. Ashoka assists Violence Prevention Network in many ways.

For many years the Federal Ministry of Family, Senior citizens, Women and Youth is a reliable partner of Violence Prevention Network, e.g. within the federal programme “Live Democracy!”.

Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, Logo and Link

The Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Community is a relible partner of Violence Prevention Network, among others in the context of “Parent Counselling on Islamism”.

The Federal Ministry of Justice is a co-operation partner in aspects of deradicalisation in prison.

The Ministry of Justice and for Migration and the Centre of Competence against Extremism in Baden-Wurttemberg (konex) are partners in our trainings in prison in Baden-Wurttemberg.

Logo Kompetenzzentrum gegen Extremismus in Baden-Württemberg

The Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior and the Bavarian Federal Policedepartment are partners of Violence Prevention Network.



Several projects of Violence Prevention Network are financed by the State Senate of Berlin as well as the Landeskommission Berlin gegen Gewalt (Senate Department for the Interior and Sport) as part of the “Berliner Landesprogramm Radikalisierungsprävention”.



The Senate Department for Justice is our partner in the programme “Deradicalisation in Prison” and in the project Crossroads.

The Brandenburg Ministry of Justice is our partner in the programme “Deradicalisation in Prison”.

The Hessian Ministry of the Interior and the Hessian Information and Competence Centre (HKE) are our partners in the Hessian Prevention Network against Salafism as well as the Hessian Ministry of Justice.

Hessen aktiv für Demokratie und gegen Extremismus Logo

The Ministry of Justice in Lower Saxony is our partner in the programme “Deradicalisation in Prison”.

Niedersächsisches Justizministerium Logo

The Saxonian Stateministry of Justice is our partner in the programme “Deradicalisation in Prison”. The Saxonian Stateministry of the Interior and the Saxonian Stateministry of Social Affairs and Social Cohesion are co-funding the Advice Centre Saxony and other projects.

Sächsisches Staatministerium der Justiz Logo

The Thuringian Ministry for Education, Youth and Sport is partner of Violence Prevention Network.




The„Internal Security Fund — Police” of the European Union is funding the project icommit.


CEPOL supports Violence Prevention Network’s commitment in the EMISA Prison and Probation Working Group.

The foundation Kurt und Maria Dohle Stiftung supports Violence Prevention Network’s projects in the area of Islamist extremism.

Logo Dohle Stiftung

Together with Radar Europe Violence Prevention Network administrates the Radicalisation Awareness Network “RAN Practitioners” of the European Commission.

With the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt we cooperate in the Projects PrEval and RADIS.

The Federal Agency for Civic Education offers a nationwide database for the issue of prevention of Salafism: Infodienst Radikalisierungsprävention.

We are member of the Christchurch Call Advisory Network.


BAG Relex, Gangway e. V., ifgg – Institut für genderreflektierte Gewaltprävention, Minor – Projektkontor für Bildung und Forschung gGmbH, Ufuq e. V.

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