Allocation of fines

Fines for extremism prevention, intervention and deradicalisation

Launched as a pioneer in the prevention of extremism, Violence Prevention Network has been commissioned by federal and state governments to develop nationwide standards and quality criteria for radicalisation prevention and deradicalisation in correctional facilities and the probationary system. More than 1,500 young people at risk of extremism have participated in a Violence Prevention Network Training since 2001, and in 2012 the program was expanded to include adult offenders with a terrorist background. By allocating fines to be paid to our organisation, you support our work with extremist, at-risk and radicalised youth and adults.

Transparent management of funds

  • Non-profit status: Violence Prevention Network gGmbH is recognised as a non-profit organisation, most recently with an exemption decision of the FA Kö I Berlin, dated January 1st. 2020.
  • Use of funds: Violence Prevention Network uses funds only for the purpose set out in the Articles of Association.
  • Notification of a change in the Articles of Association: Violence Prevention Network immediately communicates amendments to the Articles of Association, if they include material changes to the tax relief status.
  • Disclosure requirement: Violence Prevention Network undertakes to inform the assigning authority promptly about the receipt or non-acceptance of assigned funds. The relevant higher regional courts and/or the Attorney General’s offices will be informed at the beginning of the year about the amount and use of the allocations and payments of financial obligations from the previous calendar year.
  • Separate transparent account management: Violence Prevention Network keeps a separate account that is exclusively used for the purpose of using funds received from fines. Bank transfer forms for this account are marked “Not tax deductible”.

Assignment of funds from fines - information and service

Of course we will gladly provide you with bank transfer forms and address labels along with details of the fine account as well as further information on our prevention, intervention and deradicalisation measures.


Cornelia Lotthammer (Tel.: +49 30 36 46 04 09)

Information for debtors

Have you been ordered by the public prosecutor’s office or a judge to pay a fine?

  • Please remit your payment only to our designated special account for this purpose (Postbank Berlin | IBAN: DE 41 1001 0010 0000 7051 01 BIC: PBNKDEFF)
  • Indicate the file number for all payments so that we can confirm receipt of your payment to the court. We are obligated to report fines not paid on time to the competent court without delay.
  • If you wish to negotiate instalments or defer payments, please contact the court directly.
  • Violence Prevention Network gGmbH is not permitted to issue a donation receipt for your payment.
  • If you accidentally sent your payment to our donation account, made a double payment or have other questions, please contact for clarification.

Personal recommendation

Do you know a judge, public prosecutor, or defense lawyer personally? Then please suggest that they should support the work of Violence Prevention Network by allocating fines. Thank you very much! Violence Prevention Network fulfils all requirements for the allocation of fine payments and is represented nationwide in the following lists of the higher regional courts and public prosecutor’s offices: